Nympho Notes

I found my sexuality at a young age

I remember sneaking off to the family desktop when i was young and reading dirty sex stories and going into chat rooms to roleplay back and forth.. i wasn’t sexually abused or anything as a kid i just always found sex fascinating. I remember being in my bedroom and recording the edited sex scenes on vhs tapes so i could study them and learn..

It wasn’t until middle school when i really explored my body. I was a tom boy as a child.. never wanted the barbie dolls and makeup. i would wear big oversized sweatshirts and just be comfortable. Back to middle school, i remember it was my first year of having segregated changing rooms when you had to change for gym class. My mother, informed me that since i had to go into the changing rooms that it was now time to wear a bra. Before this i was already an independent child, i would pick out my clothing and prepare everything for the day without needing much help. i remember my mother taking me out to the store to go find my first bra.. i was still wearing the big baggy sweatshirt and hiding most of my body. She instructed me that i had to take the sweatshirt off so she could see what size i would need to start off at, and after fighting because i didn’t want to go shopping i did… And i remember her jumping back and asking since when did i get boobs? This moment always stuck with me.. While most girls were starting training bras and sports bras, i was wearing a lower C cup in middle school and they only got bigger from there.. That summer i started wearing more tank tops and form fitting clothing.. and thus began my appreciation of the human form..

at 15 i was getting my first job, working at a local grocery store as a cashier. in my training class at work that’s where i met Krista. She was the same age as me although we were in two different school districts. She was punky (a raver girl) and we instantly hit it off. i remember going over to her house one time after work and hanging out me and her at her place alone. I remember her calling a guy over and them starting to make out while i watched. Krista grabbed me and starting feeling me up while the guy watched.. pretty soon all three of us were making out in her basement.. it never went any further than making out but its a moment i will never forget..We would work the same department outside the store pushing carts back in.. it also gave us free range to go sneak away and makeout at work behind the building, i would go over her house and we would makeout and fool around together, figuring out what each of us liked done to each other.. She was eventually fired at summer and our contact grew further apart. She did however introduce me to a game called dance dance revolution.

Now i was always a gamer girl, but this game had me addicted fast, i would go to the mall every weekend and be in the arcade from opening to close. I loved the adrenaline, the thrill. The game was located right next to the main window which showed the malls food court. I remember playing the naughtier songs, in my tank top and sweating from dancing.. Groups of people would line up around the windows and watch me play.. The guys i played with would always get jealous and say it was because my boobs were always bouncing when i played and i always drew crowds in… they were probably right, but i loved the attention, the thrills..come to think about it, this was probably my start of my lust for being watched……

…to be continued

<3 Your Mistress

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The Life of a Nymphomaniac

i started this blog last night as a way to vent my sexual ideas, stories, frustrations, and to help others in their quests..

a bit about your mistress:

I am a bisexual female nymphomaniac. Now some people would ask what a nympho is and how I, myself, would qualify for such a title.

A nymphomaniac is a person with a very high extreme sex drive.. now I’m sure you’re thinking well i have one too i like sex and get off quite frequently, but for me its much different let me explain:

I breathe, dream, and constantly think about sex and sexual experiences, I live for it. It’s an addiction for me, much as smoking or gambling would be for others..

I am easily aroused and can get wet instantly at the thought.. In fact knowing i was going to type this out got me so aroused that i had just gotten myself off right before hand, and i probably will again afterwards.

While most guys and girls may get off sexually 2-5 times a day if even that, for me most days that is tripled as i will typically have at least 15 orgasms a day… and being female i over exceed that amount in great detail with the options of having multiple orgasms in one session. THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION. 

I’m bisexual: not the Oh My God I think shes hot and so i kissed her Katy Perry bisexuality… I love the female body and the noises and things girls do in the bedroom, making a girl shake and quiver from orgasm is absolutely fantastic. Any sexual configuration turns me on, from mf,mm,ff,mmw,ffm… i’m very option to options..

I am very open about my sexuality and always looking to try new things in the bedroom ( or even outside of the bedroom), I get off to all sorts of porn and never really stick to one genre. I love to dominate and be dominated and bring new things to my sexual experiences…anything from toys, to porn, positions,places,people, events, dressing up, phone sex, webcam sex, public sex.. the list could go on and on… I’ve done a lot

if i get turned on, which note is VERY easy to do, i have no problem tucking myself away briefly to get myself off and reach orgasm. In fact this has become a common for me.. A single thought of something sexual and i can have a waterfall dripping below..

i could continue on with this list but my blog has just begun and i have soo much experience and stories to share.. I’m always open to answer questions on sex and sexuality so feel free to ask :)


Your Mistress

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Nympho Notes: The Beginning

Hello there my naughty darlings,

if you have come to this blog then you are looking for a little spice to life. I’m starting this blog tonight as a way to inspire and inform the public of sex and sexually related topics. You may call me Mistress.

Please note, that yes i am a female running this blog. I am very open about my sexuality. I’m bisexual and yes i have slept with both guys and girls and had a full range of things i have done or have had done to me sexually.

In this blog I am going to tell of my sexual escapades and rants, give advice and answer questions of sex related topics. Nothing is held back darlings feel free to give it to me good ;)

I figured i’m a female bisexual nympho…how much more open can i get :p

so i open myself to you my dearest followers…

go ahead and follow, ask, and inform

i’ll be waiting in the bedroom ;)


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